Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hi all
Got a very pleasant surprise in the post yesterday. I had ordered in advance a copy of Nik Mortons How to Write a Western in 30 Days (with bullet points!) I thought it wasn't meant to be out until the end of July but it was brought forward.
First, the look and feel of the book is terrific! What a great cover!
I immediately sat down with a cup of coffee and dived in. When I looked up again nearly two hours had past.
I'm not going to give too much away for those who are going to buy a copy in the future but all I can say is I wish this book had been available before I started out - it would have saved me a ton of rewrites and edits!
And even though I'm on my fourth Western, 30 Days is peppered with great little nuggets of wisdom, suggestions and gentle reminders of what the western is all about and how to write one!
Well done Nik. This will be taking pride of place in my collection of Western reference books. Going over to Amazon now to give you a ***** star recommendation.