Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just saw this write up at Western Fiction Review........

After barely surviving the Civil War, all Confederate sharp-shooter Ethan van Kirk wants is a quiet life on his homestead with his eight-year-old daughter, Lucy. Then a shadow from his past appears. Suddenly he is forced to use his deadly shooting skills again in a deal with the Devil. Ethan must kill an innocent man to save his daughter’s life.

And the clock is ticking….

This is Lee Walker’s third Black Horse Western and having read the previous two I was eager to read this.

The majority of the tale takes place during one morning, and Lee Walker creates an air of menace and tension superbly ensuring the reader will find this a very difficult book to put down before the end is reached. Ethan’s frantic struggle to save his daughter and not kill an innocent man seems destined to fail as he discovers those he thought were friends cannot be trusted and time is running out fast. Unknown to Ethan there are a couple a people trying to help but are they strong enough to do so? And even if they are can they act before the time Ethan has to squeeze the trigger?

I can’t really say more about the story without spoiling it for those who intend to read this book. What I will add is I’d highly recommend it to all who enjoy edge-of-the-seat plotlines that will have you guessing as to the books’ outcome. 

Lee Walker is a pseudonym used by Ed Ferguson and on the strength of this book and the two before it, this author has joined the top ranks of my favourite western writers.

Hi all
Got a very pleasant surprise in the post yesterday. I had ordered in advance a copy of Nik Mortons How to Write a Western in 30 Days (with bullet points!) I thought it wasn't meant to be out until the end of July but it was brought forward.
First, the look and feel of the book is terrific! What a great cover!
I immediately sat down with a cup of coffee and dived in. When I looked up again nearly two hours had past.
I'm not going to give too much away for those who are going to buy a copy in the future but all I can say is I wish this book had been available before I started out - it would have saved me a ton of rewrites and edits!
And even though I'm on my fourth Western, 30 Days is peppered with great little nuggets of wisdom, suggestions and gentle reminders of what the western is all about and how to write one!
Well done Nik. This will be taking pride of place in my collection of Western reference books. Going over to Amazon now to give you a ***** star recommendation.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Devil's Deal Published

Hi all,
I logged on to my blogspot today and couldn't believe that it has been nearly a year since I last made an entry! Amazing how time flies. Anyway, I though today would be a good day to restart the blog.
This morning, the postman arrived with copies of Devil's Deal. It's always an amazing thrill when you hold the finished product in your hands and as always, this did not disappoint.
The story is about  Ethan Van Kirk who was an ace Confederate sharp-shooter during the Civil War.  Now the war is over, all he wants to do is lead a quiet life on his homestead with his eight year old daughter, Lucy - but the past will not leave him in peace. He is plagued by nightmares and his worst fears come to life when he meets an old officer from his army days. Suddenly, he finds himself caught up in a plot to assinate a Senator and is forced to use his deadly shooting skills again in a deal with the Devil. Ethan must kill an innocent man to save his daughters life.
And the clock is ticking... 
Devil's Deal is published by Robert Hale Ltd and is available in libraries and Amazon.