Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Hit Pay Dirt!

As a post script to the post on Time Life books.

I was in the local Oxfam shop in Lanark, browsing the shelves looking for Western related material, of which there is always invariably none!

Anyway, as I was standing there, a couple came in with bags obviously for donations. I didn't pay them much attention until I saw one of the store assistants starting to sort through the contents.

In one of the bags was a pile of Western Time Life books! I went straight across and sure enough, thirteen books of the series in pristine condition. The assistant was pricing them at £2 each. I said I would take the lot if she did me a deal, which she did. We shook hands on £20!

I was going through them at the weekend and there is enough material for a dozen BHW's

And of course, now I'm hooked. I've got to get the whole 27!


  1. Nice find, Ed. I've yet to meet one of that series I didn't like.

  2. Hi Evan

    Yes - being Scottish, I do enjoy a bargain!

    The books are superb. Great just to browse through them. The photographs give a real feel for clothes, hairstyles, buildings, transport etc - all the stuff that gives you a real flavour of the place.